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My Juicy Affair

Premium E-Liquid Collection


British promiscuity brought to you by MY JUICY AFFAIR E-Liquid - Buy at Our Online Vape Shop UK

MY JUICY AFFAIR is now available at our online vape shop UK. Pamela The Coilstar enjoyed her work life a little more than an average person, but not until she met Madam Cresswell, who introduced her to the vaping scene. Ever since this encounter, Pamela has begun to build coils like a pro and was soon noticed within the vaping society. Fame and recognition came later, nevertheless, she still takes occasional shifts at her old job.

Vaping is inherently a very intimate, personal and “sexy” activity. Whenever we try new eliquids, we either immediately fall in love with them and religiously remain faithful to them, hate them and stash the bottle away for a rainy day or at least pull a face an modestly say “I am not sure about this one” and instantly move on to the next e-liquid bottle. Vape liquid is similar to our personal human relationships, affairs or attractions. MY JUICY AFFAIR Signature E-liquid Collection was born out of this very idea. Our E-liquid Collection is not simply eliquid, but rather a vaping experience. Our imaginative seductive female characters is a figment of our imagination and symbolise our subconscious attractions.

We have visited many vaping exhibitions across the World, tried many interesting flavours and came up with an idea that vaping is more than blowing large clouds, it is a hobby that permeates every aspect of our lives. With this in mind, we have created MY JUICY AFFAIR Collection of seductive and capricious flavours that we hope to see in the cache of every connoisseur vaper.

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Moon on the Stick Collection


Reach for the Moon with E-LUXE LONDON

E-LUXE Brand “I want...I want...A moon on the stick”

“You wanted the moon on a stick...well look! I went up and got it for you!”

The E-LUXE brand is built on the famous English idiomatic expression: “to want the moon on a stick”, which means “to want everything” – especially something one cannot have.

Our brand was developed by one of our co-founders who was working at a City law firm when he ventured into a lawyer’s office and saw a Dickensian illustration of a moon on the stick hanging on a lawyer’s wall and curiously queried his colleague about it. From that grey rainy day in the office, our founder decided that he wanted to translate the high standards of the law firm to the vaping market and produce e-liquid like no other on the market.

Our founder saw this brand capture and project an escapist fantasy of fascination, romanticism and the infinite and eclectic nature of our society as well as represent high standards synonymous with his previous law firm. From a more practical perspective, when the electronic cigarette is inhaled, the end of the electronic cigarette lights up and thus becomes a “moon on a stick”. The birth of this idea finally ended our founder’s misery (only kidding, he had an awesome time and loved his time at the law firm) as he quit the firm to found the E-LUXE brand. This began our magical journey into the eliquid world. Welcome aboard!

After having tried almost all eliquids on the market and carried out copious amounts of research, we decided that we wanted to produce eliquid like no other and did not want to produce a “run of the mill” flavour and attach the label of “luxury” to it. After two years, many hours in our laboratory and dozens of tasting sessions, we eliminated most of our eliquid flavours to leave only the most daring and exciting flavours. By default, we eliminated all flavours that were already available on the market: that was painful. We can proudly say that our e-liquid flavours are delightfully eccentric (for those growing tired of the common verbiage of “unique” and “luxury”) that will get you tasting the stars of the e-liquid universe.

Our e-liquid flavours, composition and branding aims to reflect the beauty of our “London” culture.

E-LUXE premium e-liquid is now available at our online vape shop and e liquid wholesale Ireland and UK page.

E-LUXE LONDON e liquid wholesale Ireland and UK

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Square 47

Vaping Square of Opposition


Celebrity Inspired E-liquid

Welcome to SQUARE 47 e-liquid Collection! Our Exclusive e-liquid Collection is designed with help from our previous Celebrity Clients to bring you an indulgent and glamorous vaping experience. Following a lot of hard work and having set the bar for our e-liquid Collection very high, we are finally proud to unveil our Exclusive SQUARE 47 e-liquid Collection.

Our Glamorous SQUARE 47 e-liquid Collection was born out of Eastern Ray London, our sister Celebrity Events Planning Company based in London. We regularly cater and provide exclusive Shisha Pipe Hire and other associated services to prestigious events such as Celebrity Parties, Mogul Weddings and Birthdays, Corporate Events and Birthdays. By catering for this affluent clientele during our existence, we have gotten to know our clientele’s sophisticated habits, tastes and preferences. With the advancement of vaping and an increased demand for e-liquid and associated vaping products from our vaping clients, we have pooled our clientele together consisting of individuals such as World-Stage Celebrities, Middle Eastern Tycoons, Famous Sporting Figures, A Middle Eastern Royal Family to develop an Exclusive E-Liquid Collection based around their tastes and preferences, which is sure to satisfy even the most discriminating vapers. This saw the beginning of SQUARE 47 e-liquid Collection.

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